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Testimonials from our CRM Partners

"Thanks to Creative Resource Management I am closing more deals for longer terms! After their complete sweep of my business it was clear I was sinking and had no idea! Now I can confidently run my business with their help!

Maria S.

"Hiring a staff is something I always wanted to do, but had no idea where to begin. Thanks to Andy and her team I was able to hire staff, train them, and have my back office ready for payment and insurance plans!"

Lauren M.

"I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but after working with CRM I'm a business owner! My business can legally stand the test of time and can survive among the big dogs!"

Marcus Q.

"CRM is knowledgeable and helpful. They don't care how you started and won't judge you. They help you stay true to your vision and goals while created a company that your kids can benefit from.That's as good as it gets!"

Shawn P.

"I didn't think business funding would work for me since I had been denied every loan under the sun! Creative Resource helped me see the light and now my salon is up and ready to go! I was able to get all of my equipment and brand my business the right way. Now we're busy as ever!"

Shannel W.

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